Biomedical Treatment

Biomedical Treatment Autism

Biomedical Treatment for Autism

Biomedical treatment is a systematic approach to treating the underlying issues of autism inside the body. Biomedical treatment is managed by a physician and is individualized to the patient’s particular ailments.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of autism.  Biomedical treatment addresses the root cause. 

There are many different biomedical therapies available to treat a child’s needs.  Many autism symptoms, stims and behaviors are treatable and can greatly improve through proper treatment.

Read an expert's opinion on how to start the biomedical journey: Diagnosis Autism: NOW WHAT? A Simplified Biomedical Approach by Dan Rossignol, MD FAAFP

Three Steps

Biomedical treatment for autism is a marathon, not a sprint. These three steps provide building-block resources for your journey.

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The Big Picture

The ultimate goal of biomedical treatment is to remove environmental toxins and repair damage that has been done.

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Treatments to Explore

There is a wealth of biomedical therapies that treat the underlying issues of autism inside the body.

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