Meet Our Rescue Family Grant Mentors


My name is Jill Hartman. I am a mom to a son with high-functioning autism.  He was diagnosed when he was two and a half -- however, I began to notice that something was wrong as early as one year old. We began therapy and biomedical intervention shortly after his first birthday and have continued ever since. He is now 12, and I can proudly say that he has made tremendous strides in his recovery and we are very fortunate. We employed as many resources as possible in our recovery plan, such as diet and supplements, hyperbarics, social skills training, and a service dog. Not to mention all the many things in between. I can honestly say, all the little steps you take to aid in your child’s recovery will have a great impact on your child and benefit the entire family. I have been a grant mentor for Generation Rescue since 2010 and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.  


Carolyn Shepherd is the mom of four energetic kids in the suburbs of the South. Her twin sons participated in Round 1 of Generation Rescue's Family Grant program, and six years later, are still on the gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free and dairy-free road to the best health possible. She credits Generation Rescue, The Thinking Moms' Revolution, and warrior families with providing inspiration, support, and friendship that keep her going in the autism marathon when she is too tired to sprint. 


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