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Take back control with Birdhouse. Birdhouse is a super helpful, easy-to-use website and app designed for parents raising children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.


Easily keep track of meds, therapies, behaviors, sleeping habits, poop, meltdowns, eating & diets, or anything about your child's life that you want to keep a record of, so you can figure out what's working and what needs to be changed, and have access to anything whenever you need it.


For thousands of parents around the world, Birdhouse for Autism is among the most valuable Autism resources in their arsenal, keeping them organized and in control.





  • Keep a daily behavioral journal
  • Track new diets (gluten free, casein free, GAPS, etc)
  • Share info with your spouse, caregiver, a grandparent, teacher(s) and/or therapist(s)
  • Manage alternative diets and eating habits
  • Track your child's sleep cycles
  • Identify what causes meltdowns
  • Organize medications and supplements
  • Record notes from therapy sessions
  • Account for poop & dietary infractions
  • Stay in control of your child's progress






Download the app here: