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AUTISM Symptoms to SOLUTIONS - An Education Seminar

Date:Apr. 6, 2013
Time:8:00am - 6:30pm
Location: Aventureland Resort
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Providing families with an opportunity to learn the science and reason why biomedical treatments improve autism symptoms and conditions.

  • One-day seminar on autism treatment
  • Learn from, meet, and ask questions of the leading physicians in the field of autism
  • Sessions on current autism topics ranging from diet & nutrition to sleep
  • Toolkit with steps on how to get started and an action plan for treatment
  • Local resources, services and products
  • An ability to meet exhibiting vendors directly to discuss the products that they offer
  • Join us for cocktail hour and roundtable Q&A with presenting speakers

This Community Seminar is intended for families, friends, caregivers, physicians, specialists or anyone wanting to learn about the latest information in the field of autism.

With top specialists in the field of autism such as best selling-author of “Healing and Preventing Autism,” Jerry Kartzinel, MD, William Shaw, PhD and James Smith, DC presenting topics on effective biomedical protocols and the current state of science, attendees will receive current information on individualized treatments.

Presentations Include;
Assessment of Co-morbid Conditions Associated with Autism

An autism diagnosis may have several underlying co-morbid conditions that need to be addressed. By developing a protocol and systematically treating these conditions, the health of the patient can benefit and therefore, symptoms of autism may lessen or diminish. In this presentation, Dr. Kartzinel will explore several of the common co-morbid conditions and a systematic protocol to consider in treatment.

Presentation led by, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel is Board Certified pediatrician and a Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics. He specializes in the recovery of neurodevelopmental, chronic neuro-inflammatory diseases, and hormonal dysfunctions.

After receiving his medical degree at St Louis University School of Medicine, he completed his residency in pediatric medicine in the Air Force. Following Desert Storm, Dr Kartzinel practiced general pediatrics in private practice for 10 years until his fourth boy was diagnosed with Autism.

A nationally recognized speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author of “Healing and Preventing Autism”, Dr. Kartzinel has presented medical interventions that work to improve the lives of his patients who suffer from many types of medical conditions that include: autism, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, sleep cycle disruptions, and hormonal imbalances. He regularly teaches Continuing Medical Educations courses on children’s health issues to physicians and other health professionals.

His clinical approach is to treat the whole patient by carefully obtaining a full and complete history and based on this history, obtaining very detailed laboratory evaluations. Individualized plans are implemented integrating the very latest medical interventions that include both traditional and complimentary medicine approaches.


Understanding and Appropriate Utilization of Laboratory Tests in Autism

Laboratory Testing is key to developing an individualized protocol with your treating physician. Overgrowth, deficiencies or high levels of toxins in the body can be identified and addressed using laboratory testing. In this presentation, Dr. Shaw will explain the appropriate utilization of individualized testing and how a treatment protocol can benefit.

Presentation led by, William Shaw, PhD
William Shaw, PhD, is an innovative researcher dedicated to an
understanding of the biochemical influences on health and wellness.
His background in biochemistry and toxicology allow him to study
the relationship of chemical exposure on metabolic process. He is the
founder and director at The Great Plains Laboratory Inc. specializing
in the diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial disorders,
neurological diseases, chronic immune diseases, and much more.

An Introductory Overview of Biomedical Conditions Frequently Associated with Autism

This presentation will give a broad perspective of the interrelationships between biomedical conditions and autism. For example, disruption of the normal intestinal flora can result in yeast overgrowth leading to altered intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) thereby resulting in food allergies. Such scenarios are common with autism.

Presentation led by, Dr. James Smith
Dr. James Smith is a 42-year veteran chiropractor and board-certified Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition. He began practicing a holistic approach to health conditions decades before the term “alternative medicine” had been coined. He continues to build upon his successful clinical protocols with the latest scientific research as it becomes available.  He was first introduced to computerized health assessment questionnaires in the 1970’s.  Though archaic by today’s standards, that groundbreaking ‘70’s technology was foundational to his life-long interest and eventual authorship of two online health assessment questionnaires and editing of a third for Internet adaptation.

His book “Autism: From Symptoms to Solutions, A Parent’s Track to Run On” was published in 2010. The central theme of the book focuses on treatable, co-morbid conditions frequently reported to be present in autistic children.  Intuitively, the questions asked and the information produced have been used by physicians for decades.  However, being written in non-technical language, this assessment instrument facilitates the early detection of autism and co-morbidity by the frontline, i.e. parents, family, and teachers.  The autism assessment questionnaire, tabulation of scores, and secure storage of the data is provided on the website Rx Alternative of which Dr. Smith is founder and author.   

He practices at Performance Plus Rehabilitation Center in St. Joseph, MO and is a staff member at Heartland Regional Medical Center.


About the Venue:

Adventureland Resort is a year round destination in Des Moines, IA for families of all ages. Adventureland Inn features a hotel, restaurant and lounge. During Adventureland Park season the resort offers trolley rides to and from the amusement park exclusively for campground & hotel guests.

Adventureland has a close proximity to several hotels, restaurants, a casino, retail conveniences and The Bass Pro Shops. It is a 20-minute drive to the Jordan Creek shopping complex and a 10-minute drive to the downtown Des Moines area.

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