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When a parent hears the words “your child has autism” everything changes. Generation Rescue is here for that change and the many more to come throughout their lifetime. Many individuals with autism suffer from treatable conditions like gut issues, sleep disorders and mitochondrial dysfunction which directly impact speech development, behavior and focus. Our grant program provides the opportunity to pursue treating these underlying symptoms of autism.

We understand that financial costs is often times the prohibitive reason from pursuing treatment, therefore, our grant program is available to individuals of ALL ages with an economic need.


Each grant recipient receives:
  • Two doctor visits with a medical physician specially trained in treating autism
  • A 90-day supply of vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis Lab Test
  • Urine Porphyrins Lab Test
  • A Generation Rescue Parent Mentor
  • Dietary intervention Training
  • The Listening Program®
  • Ongoing discounts on supplements and programs provided by our partners after completion of grant program


Grant recipients have shown an average of 30.3% improvement in communication and 52.7% OVERALL IMPROVEMENT FOR ALL ATEC CATEGORIES.



Rescue Family grants are available to families that have NOT treated the underlying symptoms of autism. Before applying, please review the following questions:

  • Has the applicant ever seen a physician trained by Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) or Medical Academy of Pediatrics (MAPS)?
  • Has the applicant received lab testing from Great Plains, Doctors Data or Metametrix?
  • Has the applicant been on anti-fungal or anti-viral therapy?
  • Does the applicant currently take any supplements other than fish oil?
  • Does the household income exceed the median income for your state?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions the applicant will not be accepted due to qualification parameters. Generation Rescue has other resources here for those who have tried biomedical treatment.

If you answered “NO” to the above questions APPLY NOW.

Please Note: If accepted, the applicant is required to follow the gluten-free/ casein-free diet for the ninety day grant program.


“The grant was what got me started and I would just say it was essential. When ... was diagnosed I didn’t know what to do I didn’t even think that there was anything I could do. I cried every night and wished to hear my son say “Mommy” just one time, and now he won’t stop saying it.”

“The most challenging thing about having a child with autism is not having my son be able to explain what is happening to him. It’s hard to have a child who has hurt himself or is upset about something and you don’t know why. That can break a mother’s heart. Generation Rescue has helped us overcome these obstacles and have opened doors for my family that otherwise would never have been possible. They gave me my child back and I am forever grateful.” – Shanta, mother to Miles

Read more parent testimonials and hear their child’s story of improvement.






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Thank you so much for visiting the Rescue Family Grant page. To better serve the community and redesign critical components to our grant program, we are currently putting the application process on hold until February 26, 2015.

If you would like to be notified when we begin acception applications, please email us with your name and the city and state your currently reside in.